The Baloon Project    

What ?

An IPhone attached to a Helium filled balloon, live-twetting a photo every minute on the @javabaloon twitter account. The project was presented on the 18th of September 2009, during the WebStock event, a local Bucharest IT conference, as a live example for unusual Twitter applications.

Some photos of the balloon

Some of the tweets

The quality is rather low, those above being the best pictures the balloon tweeted. There was a Helium leak somewhere, so the two hours waiting before the conference left the balloon with 'just enough' flotation capacities. The hotel air ventilation system moved it around all the time. This contributed to low quality of the photos. We'll just do it better next time :)

Behind the scenes

Who ?

The Java Baloon project is a creation of Sety ( or

Sety is a Bucharest based company focused on delivering the best custom Java development services. For further information, please contact viorel [dot] spinu [at] sety [dot] ro.

WebStock is a local Bucharest IT / New Media conference (

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